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Our shop came to life during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. We had been living such a fast life that we used to come home to sleep and in the morning leave early for work. We didn't take much time to invest in our house as a place where we dwell. The cessation of movement across Kenya caused us to live, work and play in the house and it wasn't fun. It is then we realized something was  amiss. We started searching out where all these nice household items come from, learned the best brands and in the process built a framework. 

We then set out to build one of the most versatile online shops. We designed it with an objective to make it easy for someone to shop while on the go. This includes very fast loading speed, least consumption of your data and simple checkout. We believe we'll give you a 5-star experience and you will refer your friends to buy from us. Our mantra is "happy customers always come back with their friends". Please give us your reviews on our handles, rate us 5-star and let us know how we can make it even better. Happy shopping, Cheers!

Why Elsisi shop?

The first thing is our 5-star shopping experience. Our website is simple and fast to use. We carefully categorize our shop with reference to "where you are likely to use the item in the house".

We make sure that what you see on our online shop is exactly what is delivered. If we realize we have a different attribute like colour, size or units we call you and agree before delivery. This is our promise to you.

We deal with brands well known for quality products. We safeguard you from loss by breakage and malfunction within a short time of use. We know if you are here you are after value for your money. This is our promise to you.

Finally, we know you need your delivery as soon as you make payment. We strive to maintain a turnaround time of 24hrs. We have given you a number of options to suit you for fastest delivery. Whether you want it delivered at your office by G4S, a rider, Wells Fargo, or you want it sent upcountry with your favourite Matatu Sacco - you can choose this at checkout. 

All along the delivery process we keep you up-to-date on email, from when your payment is confirmed to when we dispatch your package. You can also track this on our website. We are efficient, you can rely on us!